#FunkyDoryFive ~ Paris Cesvette

1 ~ First Record You Ever Bought?

Are you ready for this one?

I am an absolute music nerd and as a daughter of a major collector I made it a skill of mine acquiring records from his collection! (haha, poor papa Cesvette)

He has inspired my own record collection coinciding with my obsession for jazz.

The first record I ever bought was outside of a local book / music store called David’s Bookshop a compilation by WNAU 95.5 Smooth Jazz Chicago for 50p! I ripped the life out of this CD but it was the birth of my extreme record collecting and the fusion in my music making!

2 ~ First DJ Gig and what made you start DJing?

My first gig was a 10 hour set in Vauxhall! As a teenager from Baldock in Hertfordshire, there is no better way and literally no other opportunity to master mixing on a major system than doing it for 10 hours straight and that is exactly what I did!

I got in to Pirate radio at 15 years of age, starting as an MC / Host on a show at 1 till 3 am. I used to fall asleep on the monitor but I was so in love with the artform that I had to give it my all and that has never stopped.

3 ~ What has been the highlight of your DJ / Production career so far? 

There are many but two real highlights of my production career would be producing a track I just wanna say thank you on Will Downing’s 2017 album called Soul Survivor. My dad is a massive lover of Will’s music and his voice was a stable in my home growing up. Fast forward to today and I am now one of his producers, 3 songs deep with him – a true bucket list moment.

A second highlight is having remixed for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Switzerland. They played on a Little Jimmy Scott project and I was asked to be part of production. Strings that literally made me cry, along with his voice – earthshaking. 

As a DJ there are so many moments but another one that stands out was DJing in a cave in Lanzarote. Seeing the music lovers scattered up the sides of the cave it reminded me of that ritual scene in Black Panther! Seriously Cool!

4 ~ What challenges do you face being a DJ & Producer ?

In all honesty, there are so many challenges I wouldn’t have enough space to list them all. I do invest a lot of energy rising above each and every challenge I am presented with.

This is one of the strongest parts of my character and why I believe, I am still in the game.

Whether as a producer or DJ the war wounds fall somewhere under politics, disbelief, jealousy, constantly being put down by my peers, deceit, feeling sabotaged along with lack of professional support. The list goes on, but I invest every waking minute enhancing my sound and making sure that what truly matters is at its best – the music for the people and my audience! I also make sure I return the love I receive from those who show it and express positivity, because it costs nothing to be nice and for me business is business.

Among all the challenges I focus on good business, great music, staying extremely positive and just being nice!

5 ~ What would you want to do if you wasn’t a DJ / Producer?

This is probably the one question I can answer in seconds – I would work for MI6! 

I think I would have been an amazing bad girl, police, superhero, detective hybrid. Similar to a professional Catwoman. Taking down bad guys, undercover – I know I would have rocked the leather outfit too!

“Among all the challenges I focus on good business, great music, staying extremely positive and just being nice!”

Paris Cesvette

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