#FunkyDoryFive ~ OPOLOPO (Peter Major)

1 ~ First Record You Ever Bought?
I think it must have been a George Clinton record.

2 ~ First DJ Gig and what made you start DJing?
I’m a producer turned DJ. I did some occasional DJ gigs in the nineties but was focused on producing and never thought I would pursue it seriously.
But then a friend sucked me in and I’ve been doing it professionally since around 2005.

3 ~ What has been the highlight of your DJ / Production career so far?
Very hard to say. Career wise my remix of Gregory Porter’s “1960 What” stands out.
But being able to do an album like Voltage Controlled Feelings for Tokyo Dawn Records was big for me.
It was the kind of 80s electro, boogie, funk album I dreamt of making as a teenager.
As for DJ:ing – there have been so many great gigs. A lot of them special in their own kind of way. An impromptu Broken Beat set in Krakow comes to mind or my first time playing at Vocal Booth in Spain. But it’s such a privilege to be paid to travel the world and share music with lovely people. It’s all a big highlight. 🙂

4 ~ What challenges do you face being a DJ & Producer ?
Sifting through the garbage to find the good stuff is a big challenge. But then of course, that’s part of your job as a DJ, to put in the hours so others don’t have to…
As a producer there are tons of challenges. It’s 2018 and the old rule book for how to make it has been thrown out ages ago, but still not replaced.
But that’s what makes it exciting too. You have to roll with the punches and seize the opportunities. And you never know where they might come from one day to the next.

5 ~ What would you want to do if you wasn’t a DJ / Producer?
I’d want to be a scientist!

“As a DJ & Producer, you have to roll with the punches and seize the opportunities”

OPOLOPO (Peter Major)
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