#FunkyDoryFive ~ Gordon Mac

1 ~ First Record You Ever Bought?
(First Album) Tighten Up Vol 2 1969

2 ~ First DJ Gig and what made you start DJing?
My first gig was on Halloween 1972 when my family and I went to a Church fundraiser and the DJ never turned up so I said I would step in.

3 ~ What has been the highlight of your DJ / Production career so far?
DJ’ing at Highbury Fields for the launch of Kiss FM in 1990 When 140,000 people turned up, Not just for me. or maybe bringing on Jamiroquai at our stage at Carnival in 1996

4 ~What challenges do you face being a DJ & Producer?
Trying to get promoters to book you lol

5 ~What would you want to do if you wasn’t a DJ / Producer?
I’d run a Radio Station

“I remember when we launched Kiss FM in 1990 at Highbury Fields & 140,000 people turned up”

Gordon Mac
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